“My heart beats faster and I feel happy inside.” Billy aged 5

“I love reading and I love these games because I get to read lots of different words.” Ellie aged 6

“I get really excited when I know we are going to play a game because they are so much fun!” Harry aged 6

“I loved it because it helped me practise aiming and reading new words all at the same time.”” Lily aged 8 (talking about the Phase 5B game Mud!).

‘Survive the Hive’ – “The children were excited and enjoyed the pace of this game. A group of year 2 girls set up the game again at playtime and played it with phoneme cards they had created on post-it notes. All independently. They coached younger children and helped them to play the game and read […]

“A fantastic scheme which combines using and applying phonics skills and knowledge with physical activity. The children loved it and didn’t even realise they were doing phonics!” Miss O’Donnell – KS1 teacher

“Pacey and fast, perfect for consolidation.” Miss Fitzgerald – KS1 teacher

The children enjoyed the PE element of phonics – in fact- they probably forgot they were doing phonics – more like PE with a phonics twist!!” Mrs. Moult – Deputy Headteacher

“A vast range of activities to excite and engage the children.” Mrs. Moult – Deputy Headteacher

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