Our Product

Our Product

Backpack Phonics is a bespoke set of games that was born from the desire for children to consolidate their classroom-based Phonics learning through fun, active games that allow them to develop the physical capabilities and skills they need to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

There are over 150 games and resource variations that can be used during the Phonics session to practise, consolidate, apply and master previously taught phonemes. They can also be used within PE sessions as each game has physical, as well as phonic objectives, which align with the expectations of the PE curriculum for Key Stage 1. Both phonic and physical differentiation options are suggested in the majority of the lesson plans. 

Our Backpack family of schools have also used the games in many other ways including:

  • small group intervention sessions
  • after school clubs
  • lunchtimes sessions run by trained lunchtime supervisors or KS2 children
  • continuous provision in Early Years (once the game has been taught)
  • catch-up strategies to help the current Year 1 and 2 children make the necessary progress after school closures.

Each game has clear phonic and physical objectives. These are visible alongside the resources needed to play the game. All phonic resources have been prepared and are attached to individual games to be printed (please note that the resources attached to some games require more preparation than others). Each game has a diagram to visually demonstrate the lesson alongside abbreviated instructions followed by in-depth instructions for clarity.

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All potential phonic and physical differentiation are presented on each session plan. Where there are suggestions for phonic differentiation, the resources for these have also been provided. The plans create a clear structure for engaging and exciting lessons for any group of Key Stage 1 children whilst allowing the teacher the creative freedom to adapt them to the needs of their group.

Backpack Phonics games can be used alongside any systematic synthetic phonics teaching programme and our packages are eligible for payment through PE and Sports Premium funding.

There are 3 different subscription packages available:
Nursery Package:

This package provides a 12 month subscription to all the games, resources and MP3 files for our pre-reading and alphabet phoneme games. 

Primary Package:

The Primary subscription package includes access to all games except the pre-reading games (formally Phase 1 games)

Full Package:

As it suggests, this package allows full access to all games and resources on our site. 

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